Best Melbourne Suburbs for Your First Home

Most new homebuyers are priced out of the Central Business District. Besides, not everyone fancies living at or very close to the CBD. You are more likely to find an apartment than a home with a yard. If you plan on having a family or want your own space, then you need to look towards the wonderful suburbs of the city. Here is a list of the best suburbs to buy your first home at and invest in the future:


The number of houses for sale Ringwood has risen in recent times. Considering that this suburb is scenic and very relaxed, it’s no wonder. This is the ultimate suburb for professionals looking to start a family. The area is well connected by a network of arterial roads. There are also a number of convenient rail connections as well. Ringwood is generally knows as the “gateway to the East” from Melbourne. It connects the countryside to the city so it’s the perfect place to invest in for long-term future commitments.

This suburb is highly family friendly. It’s located close to the stunning Yarra Valley, so count on plenty of relaxing weekend getaways without too much traffic. Properties in the area are also beautiful with wondering period-style architecture. This area is home to “Aquanation,” a superior water park and aquatic centre. There are also plenty of opportunities for shopping and leisure in the area as well. The suburb is right by a number of schools and educational institutes, making it the perfect place for families with kids.


Heathmont is a beautiful Melbourne suburbs that was once famous for sprawling apple orchards. These days, the area is a green oasis for families with parents who have to commute to the city for work. Heathmont is very modern and well suited for raising a family. The suburb is home to elite primary schools Great Ryrie and Heathmont East. There are plenty of other good schools for parents to choose from as well. Raising a family here would never be boring because there are plenty of leisure activities to enjoy as well.

Heathmont is home to a vibrant cafe culture that young homeowners can particularly love. There are several massive parks and wildlife reserves to explore in the area. The famous Dandenong creek trail is very close by. If you are looking for a green, eco-friendly suburb, Heathmont is your place.

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Croydon is located only 27 km from Melbourne, making it ideal for those who have to commute to work each morning. Dotted by breathtaking farmlands, Croydon is a lively suburb with relaxing scenery. The suburb has a rich history, which means you can find a number of gorgeous period houses to settle at. If you want a home with a jaw-dropping garden, this will be the best suburb for you.

Croydon has a wonderful social scene. There are plenty of cafes, cinemas, theatres, and other places for social mingling. The area is also home to some of Victoria’s best schools, so parents can comfortably move in with no worries.

If you want to buy your first home to raise a family, consider the above suburbs and you will not be disappointed.

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