The Benefits of Getting Dilapidation Survey Reports

If you are a developer or a contractor, especially involved with work such as infrastructure designs, building construction, excavations, and other development constructions, then a dilapidation survey is an essential part of your work. These reports can help you in many ways from helping you to decide the precautionary methods you should use to aiding you in legal matters. Here are some of the main reasons why these surveys can be extremely advantageous.

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Get a Detailed Account of the Property

With a survey, you will be able to get all the details about the current condition of the property you will be working on. This will also include any existing structural damage and the areas that are prone to damage including cracks, water damage to floors and walls, deteriorated roofs, roads, gutter etc. This survey will include photographs, often a video and a written document about the condition of the site. Getting the service of a professional surveyor will help you to have an unbiased report about the property.

Understand the Condition of the Building and Sites

Before you embark on your new project, it is essential to understand the state of your work site. This will help you to decide the precautionary methods you need to use when you start your project. This will include taking necessary measures to minimize vibrations and movement, water flow, reduce or loose the rubble and waste that is collected and to reduce the changes that may happen to neighbouring structures and their features.

Restoring Property to Original State

Having documents on the condition of the site before you start work can be really helpful. A properly done survey can be useful in trying to restore certain structures after the project work is completed. For example, if you had to change the landscaping of the area temporarily to in order to complete a construction work, or in a case where there are any damages happened to neighbouring property/ buildings, you can use the details from the survey to restore the landscape structures to its former state.

Evidence to Counter False Claims

There is always the risk of contractors being blamed for the damage to neighbouring properties when they start a new project. Getting a survey done will help you to provide against the faults claims that can be made about the damages done to other property and without dilapidation reports you might even have to be liable to such damages. With a report ready with you, you will have the details of the state of the property at and near your project site which you can provide as evidence against fraud claims.

Without the right knowledge about the property or the structure you are going to be working on, it is nearly impossible to initiate any project. Also, without the proper evidence to the state of the property pre-construction, you might have to face several legal matters with regard to the damages done to the property. Therefore, it is always recommended to get a dilapidation survey done for your own benefit.

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