Qualities Of A Good Real Estate Appraiser

There are certain qualities a good real estate appraiser must have which would certainly gain the client’s trust and confidence. First and foremost, the appraiser must be unbiased and is not to be influenced and or swayed by anything or anyone when they made their appraisal. They must be impartial and their judgment should not be clouded by any personal agenda.

Since real estate appraisers will not get a commission whether the property they appraised is sold or not, their appraisal of the property is fair and is free from any income related influences. Thus, their unbiased opinions are vital in real estate transaction.

Apart from being unbiased, the following traits should also be exhibited by an appraiser, before you have decided to hire them.

A Certified Appraisal License Holder

A qualified appraiser usually must have at least an associate’s degree to be able to have an entry-level state license. But those appraisers who do complex residential and commercial real estate appraising are required to have a bachelor’s degree before they could have a license. In spite having an associate or a bachelor’s degree, appraisers still undergo basic appraisal courses, do on the job training, apprenticeship and log in the compulsory number of working hours to meet the requirements for the appraisal licenses or certificates. Before employing the services of an appraiser, it is recommended to ask them to present their credentials, to ensure that you are hiring a legitimate appraiser. Appraisers working on the Northern Beaches Commercial Appraisals are certified appraisal license holders and among the best in the industry.

A Keen Eye For Details

A good professional real estate appraiser has a keen eye for details. When estimating a property’s value, the appraiser must notice the characteristics of the property that matters to the buyer such as being in a noisy neighborhood or the disturbances cause by airplanes taking off and landing on a nearby airport. A thorough appraiser would also consider the property’s condition, whether it has undergone numerous repairs and renovation in the past and whether the foundation is still intact and sturdy. The appraiser must not only inspect the exterior, but the same importance should also be given in inspecting the interior. They must also consider the property’s value by reviewing important factors such as lease records, the location, the view the property offers, past appraisals by other appraisers and income potential. By having all this data, they could properly and accurately calculate the property’s market value.

Customer Service And Time Management Skills

You will be spending quite some time with the appraiser whether you are buying or selling a property. Make sure that they have the necessary customer service and time management skills. If you are selling and the appraiser is not polite or friendly, chances are the potential buyer would be turned off and would consider not going through with the deals. The same goes if the appraiser does not have time management skills and is unprofessional and constantly late during meetings.

An excellent real estate appraiser must have all these traits, not to mention personal and professional integrity to aid them with giving an unbiased appraisal of a property.

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