How to Prepare Your House for Sale?

Preparing your house for sale is all about upping its value to the absolute maximum. Should you miss anything, you give your potential buyers the chance to bring down your selling price and you’ll lose your profit. Go according to this checklist so you can avoid all the common pitfalls and find the right buyer with minimal hassle!

Curb Appeal

This makes or breaks a buyer’s decision so curb appeal is definitely one of the most important factors you can cater to when preparing your house for sale. This is essentially the exterior appearance of your home and how well-kept it looks from a distance- it’s your first impression. Think in the mind of the buyer- head out on to the street and view the house with fresh eyes. Make note of all the little ratty giveaways that could eat away at the buyer’s opinion.


You need to allow the buyer to envision what it would be like to live in this house and they can’t very well do that with your mess scattering the floors and shelves.  You’re going to have to do a serious de-cluttering before potential buyers come visiting but don’t forget that these people tend to poke their noses in areas they shouldn’t so if you were thinking of cramming everything in to your cupboards- don’t.

Interior Appeal

If there were ever a time for renovations and upgrades, it would be now. You need to maximize interior appeal as much as possible and you can go about this by making sure you’ve got everything upgraded as much as possible. From appliances to home automation switches, there’s plenty you can go about upgrading around the house.


You’ll want to not personalize too much. At least 90% of your personal choice in décor needs to leave if visitors need to get a better idea of what they would be living in. You need to make your surroundings as neutral as possible for this- and this could even include investing in a neutral color scheme. Any bold pops of color- for example, cherry red curtains- would definitely have to go for the time being. These are rather selective tastes.


If there’s any minor repairs you’ve been leaving around the house because you think the buyer wouldn’t possible notice it, think again. These viewers tend to sniff out even the littlest weakness and this will result in them haggling down on the price so don’t let it come to that!


Yet another aspect that contributes heavily to a first impression is the smell. Any smell of pets, old cooking or a general mustiness is all something that could contribute to a negative viewing experience. Make sure to move any pet belongings and thoroughly air everything out- including sheets and rugs- days before viewing begins.

These are the best ways you can go about preparing your house for sale to ensure that you get the price you’re hoping for! Don’t give those buyers anything negative to latch on to!

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