How to Successfully Get Through a Home Inspection?

Have your fingers crossed until you close the house you put up on the market? Almost all home buyers nowadays hire a pro house inspector to take a look at their prospective house before they make an offer. And that is the smart thing to do. If you are planning to get the buyers to make an offer as soon as possible, you should not wait until you fail the first few home inspections. You can take matters into hands and start making the necessary repairs in the house before your house goes under contract. That is where this checklist comes in handy!

Does Your House Have Mould Or Mildew?

The stains and the stench of mildew will definitely scare off your buyers. Especially because black mould could be toxic.  It is more likely that you would not even get an acceptable offer if you have mildew and mould present in your house. Even though you can argue about the fact that the mould is of the normal variety, no one can deny that it is unsightly and foul-smelling. If it shows up during a home inspection, the buyers might request professional remediation of mould. And it can simply cost thousands.

Flooring and Roofing

Signs of deterioration in your roof and floor might also drive the buyers away. If the beams of your roof and the framing of your floor have noticeable damages, it might stop the buyers offering you an acceptable price on the house. You can put the roof and the flooring of your house through an acceptable upgrade with durable materials from specialists such as Wilsons Timbers who will eventually bring up the value of the house significantly.

Check for Damp Basements and Crawl spaces

These are the most important aspects in a home inspector’s handbook. If you have the stench of mildew welcoming your buyers at the entrance itself, chances are that they check out the basement of your house next. The home inspectors and the buyers will take a close look at the walls and the floors for wet patches of mildew and any signs of dampness. The inspector might even use a meter to measure the amount of moisture present in the spaces of the house since moisture tends to attract insects and affects the condition of the building materials.

Put an End to Plumbing Problems

Make sure you fix all the leaks way before any home inspection is conducted, since it will give you some time to figure out if there are any major damages in the plumbing system such as chipping of wall paint or any leakages that could cause mould on the walls. The inspector will check the water pressure by turning on a several faucets at the same time. He would also check the pressure in the dishwasher.

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Check The House’s Wiring System

Ensure that the electrical panel of the house and the circuit breaker configuration is adequate for the needs of the future owners of the house. The systems would change depending on rules and regulations in each state. The inspector will also take a look at the receptacles with GFIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters), especially in the bathrooms and the kitchens.

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